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Yaocalli English Academic Department  Travels

The aim of Yaocalli English Academic Department Travels is to further knowledge and understanding of the English Language through practical means, whilst students develop skills in leadership, publick speaking, team building and time management.

English Academic Department Travels

Students are challenged to develop the language and to enhance their English level as well as strengthen their social skills.
Along with the academic activities and challenges students have the opportunity to experience and visit the country´s best attraction in a total immersion of the language.
1.- BEO  (British English Olympics): London, England. 
Yaocalli has participated in three occassions  over a two-week programme where schools from  all over the world compete in a learning experience including a:
  • Debate
  • Improvisation Challenge
  • Mystery Challenge
  • Song Contest
  • Country Spotlight
  • Drama Festival and a Keynote Presentation.  

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2.- PIN TRAVEL: London, England.

Yaocalli  students  as well as 6 other OPUS DEI schools participated in  this learning programme  ( British Council ) and learning experience for three weeks.   They had the opportunity to visit and enjoy England´s most cultural and fun attractions.


The unique experience of living in Ireland provides students with  an ideal context to develop their immersion to the English language as well as  to acquire  and develop positive habits. 
The experience  is  a six-month or a full year exchange programme where students have the opportunity to live with an Irish host family and study in Rosemont School.

During the academic exchange,  students have an international tutor, a coach, are enrolled in a Saturday English Programme as well as the experience of  visiting the country.

4.- CARLOS´BAKERY NEW JERSEY: NJ, United States of America.  
The experience to visit New Jersey and enroll in baking classes at Carlos´Bakery Shop, students get to meet Buddy and practice English as well as baking classes to learn new  techniques they also visit New York´s best landmarks and attractions.
All of these provide our students the skills to engage positive and actively in the multilingual society where we live. These experiences will give them better cultural, social and business opportunities in the future.

Come and visit Yaocalli, the best private school for girls and you wont regret it.

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